How do I know if the job seeker I invited through Job Match applied to my job?

Job Match is a tool that automatically matches your job postings with job seeker profiles and allows you to invite job seekers to apply for the position.

When you invite a job seeker to apply, they receive a unique code as a part of the invitation. The job seeker is encouraged to include this code in their application so that you can recognize them from other applicants. With this code, you can find the job seeker's profile and compare it to the requirements of the job.


To find the profile of the job seeker you invited, follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Job Bank for Employers.
    2. Click on "Applicants and matches" from the left-hand menu on your Dashboard.
    3. Click on the number under the "Matches and reports" column at the right of the job posting that the job seeker applied to.
    4. Enter the code in the "Filter items" search field".

The corresponding profile will appear and the code will be listed under the "Profile" column.


Note: When you invite a job seeker to apply to the postition, the date when the invitation was sent will be added at the bottom of their "Comparison chart".

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