I'm an immigration consultant or lawyer. How do I use Job Bank?

Job Bank considers immigration consultants and lawyers to be third-party representatives who assist employers with their job posting activities. If you are an immigration consultant or lawyer, you must have been given a legitimate authorization to represent, act and speak on behalf of the employer you will be posting for.

As a third-party representative, you must first create your personal user account on Job Bank by signing up to Job Bank for Employers.


Once you have created your own user account, register your client as an employer by using:

  • their payroll account number (e.g. 123456789RP0001)
  • their business information (e.g. address, phone number, etc.)

When creating the employer file, you must identify yourself as either a third-party consultant or lawyer. You also have to provide the full name and phone number of your client in case Job Bank needs to contact them.

Here’s what you can do if the payroll account number of the employer is already in use.

Make sure to create separate employer files for each employer you represent on Job Bank. You always have to use your personal user account to do so.

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