What happens after I connect a device to my user account on Job Bank?

You have the option of connecting your device to your Job Bank user account to synchronize some features that exist on both the mobile app and Job Bank’s website. Here’s what will be synced between your account and the app if you connect your device:

  • Job Alerts: You can create alerts from the mobile app and from your user account, and access them in both places. You will get mobile notifications and emails for all your alerts, unless you change your preferences for one or the other.
  • Favourites: Access all your favourite jobs from desktop or on the mobile app, regardless of where you favourited them. Also, you will receive a reminder to apply for all your favourite jobs when they’re about to expire.

Some of the Job Bank’s website features remain unavailable on the mobile app at this time. We will keep adding new features to the mobile app over time.

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