How does the "Job seeker Activity" section under "Matches and reports" work?

When you advertise job postings on Job Bank, you are automatically matched with job seekers who have work experience, skills or education similar to your jobs’ requirements. These match results are listed in different sections under "Matches and reports". Here’s how the "Job seeker Activity" section works:


Job seeker Activity

This section tracks actions performed by job seekers that match to the job posting. When a match happens, it is visible for the job seeker and the employer. Both can take the action they find appropriate. The results that are displayed under "Job posting views" are based on the number of job seekers who viewed the posting. The results that are displayed under "Interested in applying" are based on job seekers who selected this option after viewing the job. If the report shows a certain number of "Job posting views" but no results under "Interested in applying", the employer can conclude that no job seeker among the ones who viewed the job posting selected that they were interested in applying to the job posting.

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