Why are placement agencies required to provide their clients' information to Job Bank?

Job Bank is an important source of job market information as Canada’s national job posting service. This information allows Job Bank to gather complete and accurate statistics about Canada’s labour market. It is also collected to monitor compliance with Job Bank’s Terms of Use.

As a placement agency, Job Bank requires you to disclose the name and contact information of the business or client, to establish that a business relationship exists. This information will not be displayed publicly. In some cases, a Job Bank representative may contact your client to corroborate the existing business relationship with the placement agency/agent.

You must identify your clients in your employer file and also on your job posting.  


To add your clients’ information to your employer file:

    1. Log in to Job Bank for Employers.
    2. Click on "Employer files" from the left-hand menu on your Dashboard.
    3. Select the "Clients" tab and click on "Add a new client".
    4. Add the client’s information (business name, contact name, phone number and email) and click "Save".


Note: Information may be disclosed or protected as required under the provisions of the Access to Information Act.

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