Why did my Job Match results change under my job posting?

There are a few reasons why the number of matches may have changed. The most common are:

  • If job seekers create or deactivate their user account, or change their profile significantly. This could result in the appearance or disappearance of the match of your job posting with these job seekers.
  • If you make changes to your job posting. In this case, job seeker’s profiles that used to match might no longer correspond to the new requirements. These previous matches would then disappear from your results and new matches could occur.
  • If you modify the matching mode on the job posting or if  job seekers modify their profile matching mode. Depending on the matching mode selected, the number of matches will vary. While the "default mode" will yield matches from a wide variety of criteria, the "strict mode" will limit the results to matches closely related to the required work experience, skills and education.

Also, if a job seeker decides to reject a match because of a lack of interest in the job, the amount of profiles under the tab "Matching profiles" will decrease by one. Therefore, as an employer, you will no longer be able to either view the job seeker’s profile, or invite the job seeker to apply. However, the match will remain listed under the tab "View Activity report", in the table of total job matches located under "Summary of current matches". This is because the job seeker’s profile is still matching some of the job posting requirements.

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