I want to hire a caregiver for a private household. What should I do?

On Job Bank, private households are considered employers and must create an employer file with Job Bank same as other businesses. You must first register your business with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

If you already have a business, you cannot use the payroll account number for caregiving purpose. You will have to contact CRA to open a proper payroll account number for private household use only.

Job Bank could request a statement of account for current source deductions (PD7A) at anytime to confirm that the payroll account number is open with CRA. 


Note: If we request a PD7A and you have not hired someone or added an employee to the payroll yet, contact CRA to obtain a nil remittance. A nil remittance is a PD7A, but the numerical fields show zeros since you have not issued a paycheque yet.

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