Who we are

Job Bank is Canada’s national employment service, available as a website and mobile app. We help Canadians find work and plan their careers, and we make it easier for employers to recruit and hire across the country.

Employment and Social Development Canada delivers Job Bank on behalf of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission, in collaboration with provincial and territorial governments.

Our story

On Job Bank, we’ve come a long way from the days of paper job postings pinned to boards. We draw on a hundred years of experience helping Canadians succeed in the labour market.


Returning soldiers flood Canada’s labour market after World War I. To help them find work and re-integrate into civilian life, the federal government adopts the Employment Offices Co-ordination Act. This Act facilitates the establishment of local employment offices across Canada.

5,000 demobilized Canadians leaving Europe for Canada at the end of World War I.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, 1964-114 NPC, 3523026


Canada becomes one of the first countries to adopt an Unemployment Insurance Act. This Act organizes the country’s hundreds of employment offices into a national employment service. A Commission representing employers and workers is established to oversee the service.

Job seekers at a National Employment Service office in Toronto, 1950’s.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, 1974-264 NPC, 3369909


The Government of Canada aims to improve the delivery of services to citizens with the launch of one of the world’s first public computer networks – ‘Cantel’ – in public spaces across the country. Canadians can now search for jobs anywhere in Canada in the National Job Bank database.

The Government of Canada’s Cantel system in a Montreal public library, 1983.

Source: City of Montreal Archives, VM94-U2927-010


The Government of Canada passes the Employment Insurance Act, which transforms the national employment service. The Job Bank website is launched, making the National Job Bank database available to anyone with access to the Internet. Supporting Job Bank, provincial and territorial governments now assume the delivery of high-touch employment assistance like counselling and training.

The Job Bank Website as it appeared in the late 1990’s.

Source: Employment and Social Development Canada


Job Bank launches a modernized website featuring hundreds more jobs from a variety of new sources. The new website also introduces advanced job search features, such as job matching.

The updated Job Bank website as it appeared in 2014.

Source: Employment and Social Development Canada


Job Bank’s job search tools are made available to Canadian job seekers as a mobile app. The Job Bank mobile app is one of the first developed by the Government of Canada, as part of its commitment to provide Canadians with digital services that work for them.

The new Job Bank mobile app.

Source: Employment and Social Development Canada

What we do

Today, Job Bank remains the leading source of jobs and labour market information in Canada.


Jobs advertised per month


Registered employers

5 million

Job posting views per month


Career profile views per month

We believe that informed career choices lead to better employment outcomes. That’s why we strive to empower Canadians in the labour market through quality information. We’re constantly monitoring the labour market, collecting and analyzing the latest information on employment trends and opportunities all over Canada. Our bottom line? Sharing that information in a way that makes sense so all Canadians can get the most out of it.

What’s new

Job Bank keeps improving. We’re always learning from our users and researching new and better ways to help.

Since September 2019, you can…

  • Filter out job search results from outside the province or territory where you want to work.
  • Filter job search results by employment conditions and benefits.
  • Find jobs from ZipRecruiter on Job Bank.
  • Sort your job matches to see only part-time or full-time jobs, or to see only federal, provincial and municipal government jobs.
  • Access our Resume Builder tool with a Standard account.
  • Get a summary of recommended career options based on your results to our career quizzes, and filter your results by education level.

As of December 2019, you can...

  • Read about Job Bank’s one hundred year history in the new About Us page.
  • More easily navigate on Job Bank thanks to our new and improved menu.
  • Easily search for Employment Centers near you.
  • Access Job Match through your job seeker dashboard.
  • Track your favorites throughout the Job Bank website.
  • When using Job Match, see what job requirements you meet for any verified job.
  • Upload documents directly to Job Bank if requested.
  • Specify the field of study information on a job posting.
  • Add multiple operating names to your employer file. 

Our network

As a key player in the Canadian labour market, Job Bank brings together organizations that share a common goal: making job search and recruitment easier in Canada.

Provinces and territories

Provincial and territorial governments help us offer personalized and in-person services to employers and job seekers across Canada.



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Other job boards send us their jobs to help job seekers find everything in one place. We also share our employers’ jobs to help optimize their reach.

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